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Why Exercise
Added: 10th July 2012
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It's never too late to start being active. Add some physical exercise into your day to help tone muscles, release endorphins, keep weight off, and handle stress. There are many ways to get fit—vary your routine or do it with others. Exercising can be fun!

World Alliance of Religions for Peace Summit
Added: 28th September 2015
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WARP, or the World Alliance of Religions for Peace Summit was held in Seoul, South Korea on September 18, 2014. Many world religious leaders came together to sign a peace agreement.

Youth March for Pope
Added: 23rd September 2011
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A video snippet from Walter Veith’s Total Onslaught video 225 – Strange Fire. Witness thousands of preteens, teens, and youth in ecstatic celebration of the Pope’s arrival. See how rock music and chanting is used to excite and incite hoards of young people.