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A Wonderful Deception (Promo)
Added: 10th April 2012
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A "Wonderful" Deception examines church metaphors, concepts, and beliefs that are essentially the same as those being used in today's New Age teachings. And while biblical prophecy is being minimized and explained away, the "new science" is being used to prepare the world--and the church--to...

Cure for Ab Flab!
Added: 17th April 2013
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JumpSport Fitness Trampoline To get a better workout for the abdominals, try to mix it up instead of just sticking to one exercise.

Enmity Director's Teaser
Added: 16th April 2015
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What is Enmity? Enmity is a new documentary series and is a massive endeavor for the Amazing Discoveries team. So how is Enmity different from our previous productions? Enmity’s director, Wendy Goubej will answer some questions about what Enmity will cover, and we will learn more about the...

Explain 1 Cor 7-14 (7130)
Added: 13th June 2014
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What exactly does 1 Corinthians 7-14 mean? It is written: “For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.” Walter Veith explains how this verse is more concerned with the...

Is Ellen White a true prophetess (7131)
Added: 13th June 2014
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Is Ellen White a true prophetess? How do we know? Do I have to believe in her to go to Heaven? Walter Veith outlines the Biblical criteria of how to identify a real prophet. God used prophets to call those out of ignorance and to teach them about God. The criteria includes how a prophet must be...

Philly Cheesesteak
Added: 20th February 2020
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Scott Ritsema's Testimony
Added: 27th May 2015
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Back in 2005, Scott Ritsema was teaching history in school. He was trying to research about the unseen side of history but needed more information. He thankfully had a friend, Chad Kreuzer - who is now a speaker at Amazing Discoveries - who directed him to look on Amazing Discoveries’ website...

The Truth About 666 and the Story of the Great Apostasy
Added: 4th July 2013
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Ranging over the entire Christian era, The Truth About 666 is a penetrating 900-page book in three volumes for both scholars and lay people concerned about past, present, and future events. This is the most comprehensive work on prophecy and history ever produced by a Seventh-day Adventist, with...