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100 - Genesis Conflict - Walter Veith (Promo)
Added: 21st July 2016
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Join zoologist and Professor Walter Veith as he delves into his research on the creation evolution debate, during this 8 part series entitled the Genesis Conflict. After years of teaching the evolutionary theory, Professor Veith made in-depth research into its plausibility and credibility. Now he...

102ET - Ülemaailmne veeuputus
Added: 2nd February 2012
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Tänapäeva teadus eitab üleilmset veeuputust, sest see hävitaks üldlevinud teooria fossiilikihtide järjestuse kujunemise kohta geoloogilises tulbas. Videos esitatakse tõendeid aga just sellisest ülemaailmsest fenomenist koos hämmastava videomaterjaliga kaasaegsetest katastroofidest....

1202 - Textbook Deceptions
Added: 15th July 2013
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For years, textbooks have been teaching information about evolution that has been proven false. It is said that the person who states his case first seems right until the other comes along and examines it. What do the textbooks teach about the continents? According to evolution, the continents...

1225 - His Words in My Heart
Added: 23rd July 2013
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If you put it into practice, this message will change your life. We see the spoken Word of God is very important. In the beginning, Creation was made through the Word of God. He spoke and there was existence. In this lecture, Kreuzer explains to us how Hebrew men would teach their children how to...

1309 - Beyond the Horizon: What, According to the Bible, Happens After the End?
Added: 8th September 2014
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How will it all end? What will happen after the Second Coming? In his concept of final events, the average American has been strongly influenced by the ideas put forward by Pentecostal pastor-turned-religious-science-fiction author Tim LaHaye. What does the Bible teach about the millennium, the...

1313 - How will I be saved? What the Bible Really Teaches – and What It Doesn’t
Added: 9th September 2014
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Wishful thinking or delegating the job to a pastor or priest just isn’t good enough. Only the Bible can tell us how we will be saved. This is a step-by-step study exploring the part God is doing and what we must do. Repentance, conversion, the rebirth experience, the new life in Christ, growth...

1423 - Ministry in the Early Church
Added: 12th November 2015
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DeVasher reminds us that God chose able men to be heads of the church to deal and judge small cases, but God is the ultimate judge. Even today many are tempted to see world and religious leaders as being God, and we follow them and their words instead of the Gospel. We need to remember who is...

1424 - Doing the Wrong Job Well
Added: 12th November 2015
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This final lecture in the Studies on Ministry series poses the question of whether we’re doing the wrong job well. Instead of focusing on the right priorities in and out of the church, we end up doing the wrong job well. We cannot forget the Biblical model for evangelism: members of the church...

1434 - The First Jerusalem Council
Added: 12th November 2015
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Kameron DeVasher continues his Acts 101 series by studying the First Jerusalem Council. What happened between the Jews and the Gentiles? Hear about what a spirit-driven republic looks like, and how God used Peter to teach unity amongst the believers. This is a great reminder that God can speak to...

1445 - Judge Not.... Yet
Added: 23rd February 2016
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Instead of being judgemental, we need to be judicious.