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743 - Science or Sorcery - Miracles, Myths and Magic
Added: 9th November 2015
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Do not be tricked by the allure and fascinating “art” of martial arts, but study the Word of God and try the spirits. Test them and see whether they exist according to the Word of God. If these powers and strange myths are in conflict with the Word, then we need to learn to walk away.

7711 - A Universal Flood
Added: 7th October 2013
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Science today denies a universal flood, as it would destroy the continuity of the fossil record in the geological column. In this video, evidence for precisely such a universal phenomenon is presented with fascinating video material from modern day catastrophes on a smaller scale. The origin of...

7737 - The Science in Salvation
Added: 5th October 2015
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In this lecture with Walter Veith we will look at the science behind our creation, and the salvation in science. In a thorough and complex lecture we will see how we are a scientific impossibility, though nothing is impossible through God. How could our existence come to be? Is it really up to...

901FR - Walter Veith
Added: 16th April 2013
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Au cours de cet exposé, le professeur Veith nous fait part de sa propre histoire passionnante. W.Veith a grandi dans une famille catholique et luthérienne en Afrique du Sud. A la suite de la mort prématurée de sa mère, le professeur Veith abandonna la foi et devint athée. Après des études...

A Wonderful Deception (Promo)
Added: 10th April 2012
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A "Wonderful" Deception examines church metaphors, concepts, and beliefs that are essentially the same as those being used in today's New Age teachings. And while biblical prophecy is being minimized and explained away, the "new science" is being used to prepare the world--and the church--to...

J.Z. Knight - Modern Channel
Added: 23rd September 2011
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A video snippet from Walter Veith’s Total Onslaught video 223 - The New Age Agenda. J.Z. Knight has one of the most famous channels today. In the first clip Knight discusses her first meeting with Ramtha. In the second clip she proposes that there cannot be only one son of God, and encourages...