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1105 - To Know and to be Known
Added: 7th March 2013
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In the last study of this series, speaker/evangelist Joel Kratzke explains one of the most disturbing and unnerving passages of Scripture. Jesus’ statement to the five foolish virgins, “I know you not,” is truly one of the saddest epithets in all of Scripture, but this is not the first time...

1314 - Right and Wrong Worship: How We Can Avoid the Fatal Imitation
Added: 9th September 2014
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It’s all about worship—Cain and Abel, Israel, Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel’s friends, Jesus’ temptations in the desert, the remnant and the final showdown over the Sabbath-Sunday controversy. Millions of Christians will be led astray and will worship the beast and the dragon even while...

2193 - John the Baptist and the Remnant Church
Added: 16th May 2017
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People today seek truth. With so much happening in the political and social world, it really does feel like the end-times! But thankfully more and more people are turning to Jesus Christ for answers to their big questions. We have a solution for the seekers of truth, and it’s all in the Bible....

283 - Repairing the Breach
Added: 19th November 2013
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God’s character lies shattered on the highways of theological compromise and apostasy. It is the duty of God’s final people to restore the breach in the wall of Jerusalem. This study includes a discussion of the doctrines that set God’s remnant apart from every other denomination. Repairing...

284 - Get Away from the Tents
Added: 19th November 2013
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Get Away From the Tents discusses some of the inroads of the king of the north’s theology into the very heart of God’s people. The issues are serious as they constitute the omega of great apostasies and many there are within God’s remnant people who embrace them. This study is an appeal to...

624 - The Watchmen
Added: 27th January 2014
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God has a special warning for those who are the watchmen of God’s flock. He has made it clear that there will be a remnant of people who will give the message of warning to a dying world. What happens when those who have this message refuse to share it with others? There is a strong warning in...

7061 - Work Towards Salvation with God
Added: 27th May 2014
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Can we strive for salvation without help? An analysis of Philippians 2:12-13, Acts of Apostles, and 2 Corinthians 10:4 and 5 reveals that we can only achieve full salvation with God’s help.

7062 - How does God Teach us?
Added: 27th May 2014
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In what way does God lead and instruct us? See how the true Word of God is the light unto our paths and how we should search the scriptures for direction and comfort.

7063 - How to Improve our Intellect
Added: 27th May 2014
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How can we improve our brain’s ability to function healthily? Perhaps the answer lies with our devotional time spent seeking God’s desires for us in His Word. Through a sincere and consistent study of scripture, we can experience restoration.

7064 - Rest in the Care of the Saviour
Added: 27th May 2014
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With all of life’s storms, can we still find comfort in God’s care? Don’t forget that Jesus is in control, and we can bring all our troubles to Him that can calm the most tumultuous seas. Though we may worry, He is the Prince of Peace and we can find solace in Him.