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3001 - To Soy or Not to Soy
Added: 18th May 2017
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In this educational, well researched health seminar with Walter Veith we will see how lifestyle changes are the most important factors for improving our health. In this captivating health lecture with Walter Veith we will explore the traditional African diet versus a Westernized diet. Why is a...

3011 - Osteoporosis
Added: 14th May 2017
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In this lecture with Barbara O’Neill we will look at what causes the deterioration of our bones and learn what we can do to strengthen them. Naturopathic doctor Barbara O’Neill reviews the 12 different minerals and discusses the 64 trace minerals needed for good bone health. Learn about the...

301RO - Viaţa la superlativ
Added: 6th June 2012
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In this lecture, the significance of primary nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins & fats in the diet are discussed. The importance of a whole foods diet and secondary plant compounds for human health are discussed together with the latest evidence for the essentiality of these compounds for perfect...

303RO - Stând pe o bombă cu ceas
Added: 6th June 2012
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The animal husbandry industry has dramatically changed over the last decades. Farm animals are fed recycled animal protein feeds, manure, and petrochemical waste. In addition, a host of drugs such as antibiotics and growth stimulants are used in this industry. The consequences of these practices...

980D - All The Way My Saviour Leads Me - Part 4
Added: 1st June 2015
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In the fourth part of All the Way my Saviour Leads Me, the Veiths reveal all the difficult times in South Africa. From health issues, mass riots, shootings, and beatings in university lectures, see how the Veiths overcame these experiences and grew even stronger in their faith. How did these...