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1 - A Prophecy to Believe In
Added: 9th December 2016
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1133 - Person or Presence
Added: 15th August 2017
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What does the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy say about the Holy Spirit? We will have a doctrinal comparison between the SDA teachings and the trinitarian faith. Do they match? In this final part of the Defining God series we will look into the final aspect of the Godhead - the Holy Ghost....

1205 - Reason for the Faith
Added: 15th July 2013
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Creation and evolution are based on faith. Can we have good evidence for our faith in the Scriptures? In this message, we will find an answer to this question. Is the Bible reliable? Learn concrete evidence that the Bible is accurate, even though it was written by several different people. What...

1302 -  Why We Can Rely on the Bible: The Best Arguments for the Truthfulness of Scripture
Added: 8th September 2014
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Fantasy and wishful thinking cannot be the foundation for the biggest decisions of our lives—decisions for this and eternal life. If the Bible is to be of any value it must present evidence of its credibility and truthfulness. Fulfilled prophecy, especially that found in Daniel 2, presents such...

1303 - The United States in Prophecy: How the Freest Nation on Earth Will Betray its Own Values
Added: 8th September 2014
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At the end of time, the United States and the Papacy will be the two major players—and they will cooperate closely. America will take on characteristics of the medieval Papacy. The America Prophecy in Revelation 13 predicts a sad change of the freest and most Christian nation on earth. The...

1304 - Heading for Christian Theocracy: How the America Prophecy is Fulfilling Itself Before Our Very Eyes
Added: 8th September 2014
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If the America Prophecy of Revelation 13 is correct, and if we are living in the final days of world history, then we should now be able to see early indicators for the fulfilling of this prophecy. Is the United States of America changing? What decisions, policies and trends in American politics,...

1306 - The New Face of Christianity - Part 1: The Changing of Worldwide Christendom
Added: 8th September 2014
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The America Prophecy predicts that the United States, on a worldwide scale, will play a major role in promoting a counterfeit religion which, in reality, is spiritualism in disguise. Ellen White tells us that the Protestants of America will be the first to form a merger with spiritualism. How can...

1312 - The Second Coming of Christ: How Do We Know It is Close?
Added: 9th September 2014
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Even though we don’t know the hour, Christ has promised us signs for the approaching of His return. Sometimes we have to step back a little to see the bigger picture. But prophecy is not futurology. We cannot simply extend into the future the trend lines of the past. Several events of recent...

146 - There are no Miracles
Added: 19th August 2014
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Final part of the Have You Swallowed the Hook series. In this video Thomas Bentley moves from evolution’s impact on society and looks at how Darwinism has changed Christianity. In this episode we learn why people say there are no miracles and explore two miracles of Bible prophecy, one from the...

160 - Plagues, Grace, and Judgement (Plagues and Grace) - Part 1
Added: 29th October 2013
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What do God’s conversations with Noah, Moses, and Jonah have to do with end-time prophecy? What can we glean about these prophecies from the exploits of Abram and Sarah in Egypt? The types of the Old Testament find their antitypical fulfillment in the New Testament. Where do we fall on this...