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2203 - Comparison of Religious Literature
Added: 9th November 2015
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Doctor Pandit evaluates Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to show the differences between them. If each and every one of these religions claims to be the one and only way to salvation, we must investigate carefully to discover the contrasts behind these belief systems. Pandit...

2321 - Schooled - Part 1
Added: 15th May 2017
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In this startling and compelling series on our school system, Scott Ritsema reveals the history behind our modern day educational system. Learn how we got here and whether our current model of learning is really the best one for our children.

2322 - Schooled - Part 2
Added: 15th May 2017
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In the first part of Schooled featuring Scott Ritsema, we looked into the startling history of the American school system. In this second part of this series, we discover how the current day educational system is actually using social engineering and methods of control to mold our children.

234 - History's Coming Climax
Added: 31st December, 2008
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The coming of Christ at the end of the age has been prophesied in the Bible and for centuries people have been awaiting this great event. What does the Bible really teach about the coming of Christ and how does it compare to the array of teachings abroad in the world today? Is there a secret...

242 - From Crete to Malta - Part 2
Added: 1st December 2015
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In this lecture with Pastor Walter Veith, we will investigate the role of these groups in history and end-time prophecy. We will learn about famous families such as the Medicis that changed Christianity into a man-centered religion. Examine an old document that reveals Jesuit tactics of control...

245 - From Crete to Malta - Part 5
Added: 1st December 2015
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In this final lecture in Pastor Walter Veith’s series From Crete to Malta, we will look at the USA as the image of the beast to more fully understand where we stand in the stream of time. This is a pivotal time in history. If anything is not aligned with the Holy Bible, then it is not from God,...

252 - Protestants, Prophecy and the Papacy
Added: 4th May 2017
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It has been many years since the Reformation started, and after all this time, do we still hold true to what the Reformers stood for? This lecture featuring Walter Veith will look at the history of the Reformation and investigate the most important pillars of this movement.

253 - Twisting the Ten Commandments
Added: 4th May 2017
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This lecture with Walter Veith will prove how God’s law still matters, and how modern day religious leaders have used blasphemous power to change times and laws. We will go into history and learn about the Catholic catechism that has altered what we know as the pure Bible. They have indeed...

257 - History
Added: 4th May 2017
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We know the Second Coming will arrive, and the Holy Bible gives us great insight as to what will happen and what we can expect. In this eye-opening lecture with Walter Veith we are going to go back to the basics found in the Scriptures with a Bible study. The Holy Scriptures didn’t change...

278 - The King of the North Embracing World Religions
Added: 19th November 2013
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A gospel of brass can be easily molded to the requirements of interreligious dialogue. Sacrificing principle and even the very essence of salvation enables people to embrace all religions irrespective as to whether the religions themselves acknowledge or negate the supremacy of Christ. The deity...