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1132 - The Son
Added: 15th August 2017
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As we continue in this Defining God series we will investigate the meaning of the Son. Let us discuss the issue of the sonship of Jesus. Did Jesus have to receive power from God? Did Jesus have Godly power within Him or was he entirely separate from His father? In this Bible study with pastor...

1206 - Good Creator, Bad World - Why?
Added: 16th July 2013
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According to the Bible, God did not create a world with suffering. Genesis 1 tells us that when God created everything, it was very good. Even animals didn't hurt each other, neither was there pain. We see how sin, pain, and suffering came about through the deception of Lucifer. Lucifer was a...

1314 - Right and Wrong Worship: How We Can Avoid the Fatal Imitation
Added: 9th September 2014
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It’s all about worship—Cain and Abel, Israel, Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel’s friends, Jesus’ temptations in the desert, the remnant and the final showdown over the Sabbath-Sunday controversy. Millions of Christians will be led astray and will worship the beast and the dragon even while...

1410 - Killing the Fat King
Added: 16th September 2014
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The Israelites paid heavy taxes to King Eglon for 18 years, even though they did not like this king and saw him as an unjust ruler. They didn’t want to serve him, yet they still continued. Can we look deeper into the story of killing king Eglon? Does Eglon represent something or someone in our...

154 - Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty - Vol 2 - Part 5
Added: 29th October 2013
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Hostile religious intolerance in ancient Egypt mirrors the persecution we are seeing in our world today. One pharaoh of Egypt dared to stand against polytheistic sun worship. What happened to him? Discover the stories hidden for millennia in Tut Ankhamen’s lavish tomb and in his...

155 - Faith and Faithlessness (Joseph Lives) - Part 1
Added: 29th October 2013
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The excruciating trials and disappointments in Joseph’s life eventually led him to a place where he could be part of God’s plan to save His people from starvation. Do we have our eyes open to see where God is at work amidst the pain and discouragement of this life? Or are we more like...

155 - Faith and Faithlessness (Petras Colorful History) - Part 2
Added: 29th October 2013
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On this journey to the archaeological remains of the stunning city of Petra, visit many of the Bible’s important landmarks. Ponder the fate of Lot’s disobedient wife, explore the traditional burial place of faithful Job, and admire the deep red rocks of Petra—the amazing city whose...

2106 - The Vanity of Various Kinds of Riches
Added: 21st March 2016
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In this part of pastor Andreas Mellas’ series Ecclesiastes, we will look into the vanity of various kinds of riches. Have we also fallen into the trap of taking things for granted? Do we fully understand the sacrifice and gifts that we receive from our Heavenly Father, or have we become...

214PT - Mudando a Palavra
Added: 22nd January 2014
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Neste vídeo tomas a Bíblia em mãos e expomos as gritantes alterações que foram feitas nas traduções modernas para roubar de Cristo sua preeminência. Confira por você mesmo se essas coisas são de fato assim.

2171 - Alone, yet not alone
Added: 24th April 2015
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We all feel lonely sometimes, but does being lonely mean we’re alone? God is always with us and He always cares. However, if Christ loves us so much, why do we feel like we’re struggling through this world alone? Pastor Andreas Mellas reminds us that despite feeling lonely, Christ is our...