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231 - The Loud Cry
Added: 31st December, 2008
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The loud cry is an expose of Revelation 18. It deals with the very final events where God describes the destruction of the powers that dominate world events today. We take a look at the music world, the economic world, the religious world, the entertainment world of music, movies, Christian Rock,...

302RO - Sănătatea e alegerea ta
Added: 6th June 2012
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What influences do our lifestyles choices have on our health? We are living in a quick fix society that relies heavily on drugs and stimulants to make it through the day. In this lecture, the role of drugs and common stimulants such as tea and coffee is discussed. There is also a discussion on...

303RO - Stând pe o bombă cu ceas
Added: 6th June 2012
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The animal husbandry industry has dramatically changed over the last decades. Farm animals are fed recycled animal protein feeds, manure, and petrochemical waste. In addition, a host of drugs such as antibiotics and growth stimulants are used in this industry. The consequences of these practices...

7410 - The Laws of the Mind and Heart
Added: 27th April 2015
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Today in the medical field there are millions of health practices and drugs, but should we be turning to secular science for true healing? The Bible is a sure and solid guide for how we should live our lives for fulfillment, contentment, grace, and healing. Instead of turning to experimental...

Charles Mujikwa's Testimony
Added: 28th October 2015
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Charles grew up in a Christian home, but experienced a lot of conflict in his youth. His parents separated and he was raised first by his mother, his father, and then his stepmother. He moved from place to place and always felt pressured and forced to believe in the same things his parents did....