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3022 - Old Mountain Remedies
Added: 14th May 2017
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In this helpful and informative lecture with Walt Cross we will explore the outcomes of natural remedies. By following the 8 laws of health (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in God) we will see how different natural foods can improve and even fix certain...

3023 - How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety Naturally
Added: 14th May 2017
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Everyone on this planet experiences stress and anxiety to a certain degree. Whether it be job stress, relational issues, or health issues, many things can bring us down. But what are the effects of stress and anxiety on the body? In this informative presentation with Walt Cross we will look into...

3024 - How to Develop an Effective Lifestlye Plan
Added: 14th May 2017
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Join Walt Cross as we create a lifestyle plan that works for every individual as lifestyle plans can be modified for each person. We will settle on a mission or goal for our health, assess our health and lifestyle history, potential causes for sickness, dietary issues using a health diary, plan...

3025 - Old Mountain Remedies by Treatment
Added: 14th May 2017
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In another information-packed presentation with Walt Cross we will continue looking at health remedies using completely natural treatments. In combination with the 8 Laws of Health, these treatments can ensure a better and healthier lifestyle! We just need to get back to the basics of God’s...

3026 - How to Effectively Address Weight Loss Naturally
Added: 14th May 2017
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Healthcare costs are insanely high. Thankfully, obesity and weight gain is preventable, and can be reversed. However, diet plans aren’t a permanent solution. Diets are just a short-term bandage over a root problem. We need to learn about an entire overhaul of our lives, and we require an entire...

383 - Overcoming the Top Causes of Death
Added: 3rd December 2015
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Cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, infection, alzheimer's disease, and others can be reversed through lifestyle choices. Research and clinical experience across the globe gives evidence to the reduction of all the diseases that plague our existence through changes in diet, exercise, and...

634 - Time of The Judgment (Judge Not?)
Added: 27th January 2014
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Jesus tells us that the judgment came when He died on the cross (John 12:31) and that judgment was passed on Satan. By His death on the cross, Jesus took Satan’s place as the representative of the earth in heaven. The authors of the New Testament show us there is a second judgment coming: the...

7083 - Behold Jesus and be Transformed
Added: 27th May 2014
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How can we find revival in Christ? Turn to the cross and think upon Jesus’s works. Contemplate our Saviour’s sacrifice for us. With this infinite and incomprehensible love, consider how we can change our hearts, minds, and lives to live more like Christ that saved us.

7301 - Jesus is Our Only Satisfaction
Added: 10th July 2012
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Herb Larsen shares his testimony of all the things he pursued in life in his search for satisfaction before finding it in Jesus alone. Despite his successful career ventures in writing, painting, composing music, and starting a business, he felt empty. In fact, the more he accomplished, the...

8010 - Journey to the Red Sea
Added: 5th February 2014
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Francois and Lauretta take you on the route the Israelites travelled from Avaris to Succot, modern-day Tell el-Maskhuta. Can the place where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea be identified? Come and listen to one of our greatest discoveries.