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502 - Religious Controversy
Added: 9th December, 2008
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Total Onslaught - the Final Conflict Series. Filmed in 2005, Alberta. The Catholic-Protestant controversy is examined in detail through history and current world events. Using quotes from prominent world thinkers and writers, Dr. Veith shows how ecumenism and freemasonry play hand in hand with a...

503 - The New Age Agenda
Added: 9th December, 2008
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A look at how all religions are converging upon a universal Christ who satisfies them all. An in-depth analysis of the new age aenda including a look at Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, the use of subliminals, the new age movement, Buddhism, false Christs, Benjamin Creme, and the new age...

504 - Behind the Scenes
Added: 9th December, 2008
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A look into history and current world events. With whom have the kings of the earth committed fornication? What constitutes the new world order? How does the UN fit in to the new world order's plans? How is the new world order coming into existence? A look at the new education system, the new...

505 - The Final Conflict
Added: 9th December, 2008
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Recent world events and how they correlate with end-time Bible prophecy. Is the Sunday-Sabbath issue even a factor in world events? What is the goal and purpose of the behind-the-scenes world power - the Roman Catholic Church? How are we to understand recent events concerning Benedict XVI in...

528 - A Chaotic World - Where is God?
Added: 15th August 2013
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If God is a God of love, why is there so much suffering in our world today? Millions throughout time have asked this classical question. Tucked between the stories, parables, and prophecies of the Bible we find revealing truths that open our minds to the reality of a universal conflict between...

533 - Conflicting Worldviews
Added: 19th August 2013
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Greek philosophy swept through the Roman Empire during the first century. It has impacted and influenced our western society in major ways. How does it contrast with the Judeo-Christian worldview? With what kind of glasses are we viewing the Scriptures and the world around us?

7022 - The Power of Choice
Added: 25th January 2012
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In this presentation, Dan Gabbert covers a very important topic on the power of choice. God has given us an incredible power to make choices. What is God asking us to do with the gift of choice? In Romans 6:16 “Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are...

7415 - Responding to Difficulties God's Way
Added: 27th April 2015
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Remember that Jesus lived an earthly life and experienced all the difficulties you can imagine. He was humiliated, cast out, tortured, and put to death. If we keep perspective, we realize our own hardship can be handled appropriately. Go to God and see how He responded to conflict and drama. Can...

7416 - Problems - Why?
Added: 27th April 2015
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Why are our daily lives so different from the Eden that mankind once had? In this lecture with Dan Gabbert, learn about some reasons why we may experience problems and how we can theologically manage these conflicts.

743 - Science or Sorcery - Miracles, Myths and Magic
Added: 9th November 2015
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Do not be tricked by the allure and fascinating “art” of martial arts, but study the Word of God and try the spirits. Test them and see whether they exist according to the Word of God. If these powers and strange myths are in conflict with the Word, then we need to learn to walk away.