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7712 - The Earth in Time and Space
Added: 7th October 2013
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In this video, the big bang theory of origins and its plausibility are discussed. The catastrophic origin of the geological column is presented in full multimedia format. Evidence for rapid water deposition of the layers of the geological column, canyon formation, erosional features, and...

8235 - What happens when you die?
Added: 1st October 2014
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There is something mystical about the subject of Death. What does the Bible teach about the state of the dead? There is a lot of superstition about the dead. Francois Duplessis will use the Bible to help us get a better understanding. How was man originally made? What two things happen when man...

891 - How Did I Get Here?
Added: 4th May 2017
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In the first part of this series we will pose the question “how did I get here?” Did we really come as a result of evolution? Did the big bang explode us into existence? Butch Jensen will look at two key verses: Titus 1:2 and Malachi 3:6 to evaluate the consistent, perfect, unchangeable...

927 - The Big Five
Added: 4th May 2017
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What are the real big five questions of life? Everyone on earth has considered these big 5 questions at least once. Where do I come from? Why am I here? Why are we in such a mess? Is there a solution? Where am I going?