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1124 - True and False Revival
Added: 1st March 2016
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Satan is the best at presenting the world with false systems of worship and with alternative knowledge to fool us. Perhaps some of us believe that we are absolved of our sins if we didn’t have all the facts. We didn’t know, so how can we be punished? In fact, we do not ever have the excuse of...

1314 - Right and Wrong Worship: How We Can Avoid the Fatal Imitation
Added: 9th September 2014
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It’s all about worship—Cain and Abel, Israel, Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel’s friends, Jesus’ temptations in the desert, the remnant and the final showdown over the Sabbath-Sunday controversy. Millions of Christians will be led astray and will worship the beast and the dragon even while...

1512 - Temporal Pursuits and Eternal Realities
Added: 31st December 2013
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In all God’s creation there is a reflection of His goodness and power. Yet despite this clear display of His glory, mankind has turned away from Him. Rather than worshipping the Creator Himself (“Someone”) we have started to worship the creation (“something”). Once separated from the...

154 - Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty - Vol 2 - Part 5
Added: 29th October 2013
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Hostile religious intolerance in ancient Egypt mirrors the persecution we are seeing in our world today. One pharaoh of Egypt dared to stand against polytheistic sun worship. What happened to him? Discover the stories hidden for millennia in Tut Ankhamen’s lavish tomb and in his...

161 - Elijah's Typology - Part 1
Added: 29th October 2013
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Despite the wickedness of King Ahab, God longed to save him. Follow the prophet Elijah on his journey to preach the truth to Israel. God gave him the mission of exposing the deceptions and false gods Ahab and Israel had come to believe in and reminding them of the true God who deserves all our...

161 - Elijah's Typology - Part 2
Added: 29th October 2013
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Jezebel was a wicked queen of Israel who worshiped false gods and tried to exterminate the true prophets of the true God. The prophecies in Revelation 12 and 17 suggest a basic repetition of the history of Jezebel. Can we see evidence of this antitypical Jezebel today? If there is an antitypical...

2105 - The Vanity of Irreverence
Added: 21st March 2016
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Many places of worship do not focus on Godly things anymore. Churches may be trying to appeal to the young generations and are substituting true worship with drums, rock bands, noise, and confusion. Going to church should be about respectful worship. We should not merely be hearing but listening...

212 - Hidden Agendas
Added: 31st December, 2008
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This presentation exposes the philosophy behind secret societies. It unequivocally proves from the best sources that the deity worshiped by these societies are not Biblical. Study the evidence for yourself and prove whether these things are indeed so.

218 - Two Beasts Become Friends
Added: 31st December, 2008
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This is an expose of Revelation chapter 13 where the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth become friends, culminating in a new system of worship which honors the first beast. Clear evidence is provided as to the nature of these political powers, their aims, and objectives. Since...

2183 - A Holy Nation
Added: 4th December 2015
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People’s priorities for God’s house have changed. The church seems to be changing into a museum of godliness instead of a real place of worship and communion with Christ. In this sermon with Pastor Andreas Mellas, we search Scripture to learn what a Christ-like church looks like and how we...