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7717 - Clean and Unclean
Added: 7th October 2013
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Many people think the dietary laws of the Old Testament do not apply to us today. In this lecture, Walter Veith explains what was unclean then is still unclean now, and what was clean then is still clean now. Using his scientific background, Dr.Veith explores various animal categories like...

7717SK - Ciste Neciste
Added: 14th January 2014
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7718 - A Day to Remember
Added: 7th October 2013
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In this intriguing lecture, the creation week is presented, emphasizing the relationship between the Creator and the creation answering question such as: Who is the creator? What significance impact does the seventh-day of creation have on our lives today? Was the seventh day a Jewish institution...

7719 - Jesus Messiah or Imposter
Added: 7th October 2013
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In this video, Biblical evidence that Jesus is the Messiah is presented in multimedia format. The ancient prophecies are unravelled, particularly the prophecy in Daniel 9 on the seventy weeks which pinpoints the exact time of the Messiah's arrival on Earth. The study of this prophecy has even...

7720 - The Mists of Time
Added: 7th October 2013
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In Daniel chapter 2, King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream in which he sees a great statue through which is to be revealed the history of the world to the very close of time. The startingly detailed vision tells us where we are in the stream of time and what events are about to occur on Earth. This...

7721 - Signs of the Times
Added: 7th October 2013
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In Matthew 24, Jesus warns His disciples about the signs of the end times, urging them not to be deceived. Deception is thus a sign of the end, and the Bible tells us that there will be numerous deceptions-false Christs and false prophets, as well as conflicts, famines, and natural disasters....

7722 - The Man Behind the Mask
Added: 7th October 2013
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The Bible and the Bible alone is used to identify the Antichrist power. The little horn power of Daniel 7 with its twelve clear identifying features points to the only one who can qualify as Antichrist. Modern day deceptions regarding the little horn power, the doctrines of preterism (that the...

7723 - Crime of All Ages
Added: 7th October 2013
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In this video, the behind-the-scenes activities of the Antichrist power are revealed - how he places himself in the temple of God claiming to be God with power even over the Almighty, claiming to have the capacity to alter even the precepts of Christ. The implication of these changes whereby the...

7724 - Two Beasts Become Friends
Added: 7th October 2013
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This is an expose of Revelation chapter 13 where the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth become friends, culminating in a new system of worship which honors the first beast. Clear evidence is provided as to the nature of these political powers, their aims, and objectives. Since...

7725 - The Mark and the Number of his Name
Added: 8th October 2013
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“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six” (Revelation 13:18). For centuries, the truth about the mark of the beast and the number of his name has been known and understood by...