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503 - The New Age Agenda
Added: 9th December, 2008
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A look at how all religions are converging upon a universal Christ who satisfies them all. An in-depth analysis of the new age aenda including a look at Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, the use of subliminals, the new age movement, Buddhism, false Christs, Benjamin Creme, and the new age...

504 - Behind the Scenes
Added: 9th December, 2008
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A look into history and current world events. With whom have the kings of the earth committed fornication? What constitutes the new world order? How does the UN fit in to the new world order's plans? How is the new world order coming into existence? A look at the new education system, the new...

505 - The Final Conflict
Added: 9th December, 2008
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Comments: 11

Recent world events and how they correlate with end-time Bible prophecy. Is the Sunday-Sabbath issue even a factor in world events? What is the goal and purpose of the behind-the-scenes world power - the Roman Catholic Church? How are we to understand recent events concerning Benedict XVI in...

7760 - The Long Awaited Millennium
Added: 27th April, 2009
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The world is waiting for a millennium of peace in which Christ will set up His kingdom and all evil will cease. When will be the ushering in of the true millennium? What does the Bible really teach about the millennium in which the saints will judge the world? How does this compare with the...

8101 - Cami Oetman's Testimony
Added: 26th May 2014
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Listen to Cami express her heartfelt thanks to Amazing Discoveries and to Professor Walter Veith for helping to open her eyes to the truth. Once confused about how a united world religion might take place, the Total Onslaught documentary series helped expose Cami to the dangers of deception....

941PT - Um preço a ser pago
Added: 11th June 2013
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Este video analisa o sacrifício de quatro mártires que lutaram pela verdade na Inglaterra, e que estão hoje quase totalmente esquecidos: Thomas Cranmer, Nicholas Ridley, John Rogers, e Hugh Latimer. Através desta jornada, nós visitaremos a igreja onde esses crentes fiéis falaram ao povo,...

A New World Order - Bush
Added: 21st April 2009
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This video clip was referenced in Total Onslaught #221 A New World Order.In this DVD,the emergence of a new world order is discussed,with all its political and social-economic ramifications.This clip quotes Bush senior when he first used the words "A New World Order".

All Nations Bow to Pope
Added: 23rd September 2011
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This video clip was referenced in Total Onslaught #221 New World Order. In this lecture the Pope calls for a New World Order as per CNN news feature: Thursday, January 1, 2004. The new world order is intended to eradicate Protestantism from the face of the earth, and particularly that form of...

Damian DeBardeleben's Testimony
Added: 17th April 2015
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Damian has seen the devil attacking young people in his own neighborhood and is starting to develop his own knowledge and skills to live for God in a positive way. Damian’s mother started her own church when Damian was a child, and he grew up watching the Total Onslaught series with his new...

Flight 77 and the Pentagon Crash
Added: 23rd September 2011
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This video clip was referenced in Total Onslaught #221 A New World Order, Flight 77 and the Pentagon Crash. Walter gives details on the issue of the Pentagon; he believes that there is a story behind the story. Amongst the reports circulating is the report that there was an explosion in the...