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107 - A Day to be Remembered
Added: 4th November 2008
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In this intriguing lecture, the creation week is presented emphasizing the relationship between the Creator and the creation, answering questions such as: Who is the Creator? What is the significance of the seventh day of creation and what impact does it have on our lives today? Was the seventh...

1223 - Born Again
Added: 17th July 2013
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What does it mean to be born again? How can I practically have this experience in my life? In this lecture, we look into the Biblical answers to these questions. The Pharisees did everything to obey the commandments; they kept the Sabbath, and they were faithful with their tithes. Yet we see...

1314 - Right and Wrong Worship: How We Can Avoid the Fatal Imitation
Added: 9th September 2014
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It’s all about worship—Cain and Abel, Israel, Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel’s friends, Jesus’ temptations in the desert, the remnant and the final showdown over the Sabbath-Sunday controversy. Millions of Christians will be led astray and will worship the beast and the dragon even while...

217 - The Crime of All Ages
Added: 31st December, 2008
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In this video, the behind-the-scenes activities of the Antichrist power are revealed - how he places himself in the temple of God claiming to be God with power even over the Almighty, claiming to have the capacity to alter even the precepts of Christ. The implication of these changes whereby the...

261 - Verily My Sabbaths
Added: 29th October 2015
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The Bible mentions the Sabbath almost 150 times. What makes the Sabbath so important, and why is it especially important for God’s people? The Sabbath is a sign of allegiance to God, and when we keep the Sabbath we show that our dependence is on Him and our righteousness is by faith alone....

283 - Repairing the Breach
Added: 19th November 2013
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God’s character lies shattered on the highways of theological compromise and apostasy. It is the duty of God’s final people to restore the breach in the wall of Jerusalem. This study includes a discussion of the doctrines that set God’s remnant apart from every other denomination. Repairing...

505 - The Final Conflict
Added: 9th December, 2008
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Recent world events and how they correlate with end-time Bible prophecy. Is the Sunday-Sabbath issue even a factor in world events? What is the goal and purpose of the behind-the-scenes world power - the Roman Catholic Church? How are we to understand recent events concerning Benedict XVI in...

560 - Faithful To Our Roots
Added: 8th March 2016
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This lecture will explore the different parts of Revelation that are more important for us in these last days. Adventism has been around a long time, but throughout the years many have forgotten what it means to heed the warnings in Revelations! We know about the vital importance of Sabbath, we...

8051 - Gabriel Explains the Vision
Added: 7th August 2014
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Daniel received a marvelous revelation of Christ. It came to him on a Sabbath after three weeks of fasting. In addition to discussing Daniel’s vision of a man, we will also visit Patmos where John had a similar end-time vision on a Sabbath.

8229 - Revelation 14 - God's Final Appeal to mankind
Added: 1st October 2014
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In Revelation 14 we read about the messages of the Three Angels. Our eternal destination depends on how we respond to these Angels’ messages. Do you think God is going to expose the false day of worship universally? Yes. Those who submit to human authority will worship the beast and his image...