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520 - A Movement of Prophecy and an Approaching King
Added: 19th October 2012
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The book of Revelation records seven angels with seven trumpets and seven messages. What are the seven messages all about?

521 - Revelation's Two Witnesses and the Key to Overcome
Added: 19th October 2012
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Discover how the Word of God has stood the test of time and is our key to overcome.

524 - A Restored Kingdom
Added: 19th October 2012
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Revelation ends with a breathtaking picture of the future awaiting God's people.

534 - Who is the Next Superpower?
Added: 19th August 2013
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Bible Prophecy reveals the rise of a power that will seek to dominate the world just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus. The book of Revelation reveals astonishing facts about this power and its infliction of the mark of the beast. Find out what the mark of the beast is and how to escape it.

544 - Beyond Tomorrow - A Prophetic Glimpse into the Future
Added: 19th August 2013
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The last chapters of the book of Revelation describe vividly the final battle that will take place, but also give us a spectacular picture of how God will finally restore this planet.

554 - Islam the Prophetic Picture Second and Third Woe
Added: 21st September 2012
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What are the second and third woes in the book of Revelation? Do these concern Islam?

560 - Faithful To Our Roots
Added: 8th March 2016
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This lecture will explore the different parts of Revelation that are more important for us in these last days. Adventism has been around a long time, but throughout the years many have forgotten what it means to heed the warnings in Revelations! We know about the vital importance of Sabbath, we...

656 - Dangers of Emerging Church
Added: 16th September 2014
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Rick Howard speaks about the new movement within the Seventh-day Adventist church that is based on the teaching of the Emerging Church. He focuses on Revelation 17, where the ten kings gave all their authority to the beast. Verse 13 says, “...these have one mind, and shall give their power and...

7046 - Hold Fast That Which You Have
Added: 22nd September 2014
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Dan Gabbert examines Revelation to investigate what Jesus meant by holding fast to what we have in order to keep our crown. What crown does Jesus mean? The Lord has given us many beautiful promises, and He has assured us that He is coming again soon. While we are waiting, we are implored to hold...

7089 - Trials are Sent with Purpose
Added: 27th May 2014
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Though we may feel stretched to the limit with the trials we experience, they happen for a reason. They test and prove us worthy of Him. Remember that Christ overcame the world, and note this promise from Revelation 3:21 - “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My throne, even...