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1002 - Thou Art Mine
Added: 4th January 2013
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Dive into a typological assessment of the ownership that God claims over us through Creation and redemption. Study the life of Abraham as a model for our relationship with God and draw nearer to God in your own walk as a result.

1403 - The Earnest Expectation
Added: 2nd December 2013
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Our third message, “The Earnest Expectation,”continues where the previous message left off. If, by killing the sinless Son of God, Satan finally revealed himself to be the murderer he was from the beginning, why wasn’t he also destroyed the moment Christ died? In this message we will...

7047 - Jesus Wants to Restore Us
Added: 22nd September 2014
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We were all born sinners, and battle with sin daily. No one is exempt from sin, and we need to acknowledge our faults in order to ask for redemption. Even with all of our shortcomings, Jesus wants to restore us to His original vision of mankind.

7076 - How to Witness
Added: 27th May 2014
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How can we be effective witnesses for Christ? We are required to sacrifice our lives to Christ, and to give up our earthly desires for His redemption and direction. But it is worth it, when we allow Christ to work in us, we can work for Him in others as well! We can talk to other sinners and...

7417 - God's Design for Victory
Added: 27th April 2015
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God is the author and finisher of our faith, and He has set up a design for our victory. God has ways for us to find redemption in every single aspect of our lives, but we must learn to go to His Holy Word to seek Him and to prayerfully submit to Him. Listen to this lecture with Dan Gabbert to...

892 - From The Beginning
Added: 4th May 2017
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How does the sanctuary prove that God had our redemption and salvation planned from the beginning? God knew from the beginning of time that sin would come into the universe. Though this is bad news, there’s hope! In this lecture with Butch Jensen we will continue looking at the consistency...

922 - Without Spot or Wrinkle
Added: 5th May 2015
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We are all sinners. How can we present ourselves to the Lord without spot or wrinkle? Even in all our sin, can we still find redemption? Walter Veith parallels our modern day struggles with the story of Jacob’s sinful sons. If they could find forgiveness at the end, can we also?