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520 - A Movement of Prophecy and an Approaching King
Added: 19th October 2012
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The book of Revelation records seven angels with seven trumpets and seven messages. What are the seven messages all about?

526 - The Disillusionment of the Age
Added: 15th August 2013
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We are living in a world of failed expectations. Is there any source of certainty to navigate our way through life? Do we have a compass that unfailingly points us in the right direction? Discover how the Bible can be trusted based on the evidence of history, internal consistency, prophecy, and...

527 - Broken Promises
Added: 15th August 2013
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In a world where man’s promises mean so little, we find in Scripture promises that have stood the test of time. These promises center in the person Jesus Christ. An amazing prophecy in Daniel chapter 9 pinpoints the arrival of the promised Messiah. Find out whether Jesus was an impostor or...

529 - A New World Order
Added: 15th August 2013
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Is a one-world government mere fiction, or is it becoming a reality? And if it is, what are the implications? By examining an ancient prophecy that was given hundreds of years before Christ, we can trace the nations and their developments up until today, revealing startling facts about the...

530 - Has Religion Failed?
Added: 15th August 2013
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For many, Christianity has become powerless and been reduced to mere forms and traditions. Prophecy and history, hand in hand, reveal how and why this has occurred. A journey through the formation, followed by the deformation, and, finally, the reformation of Christianity looks at where religion...

534 - Who is the Next Superpower?
Added: 19th August 2013
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Bible Prophecy reveals the rise of a power that will seek to dominate the world just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus. The book of Revelation reveals astonishing facts about this power and its infliction of the mark of the beast. Find out what the mark of the beast is and how to escape it.

540 - The Journey of Israel
Added: 19th August 2013
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Eyes are on the Middle East as unrest continues to unfold. Bible prophecy gives a panoramic picture of Israel throughout time. The Old Testament is full of promises regarding a restored people of God. Who are they?

541 - A People of Prophecy
Added: 19th August 2013
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With thousands of Christian denominations, how do we know which one is the right one? Bible Prophecy reveals a special movement with a special message at a special time.

553 - Islam the Prophetic Picture First woe
Added: 21st September 2012
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What does prophecy really say about Islam? What role do Muslims play in the end times?

651 - Encounters in the New Age
Added: 22nd May 2012
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Jesus warned that the supernatural deceptions of the last days would threaten to fool even the “very elect.” The only hope of identifying the subtle forms of deception Satan will use on God’s people is to rely upon divine inspiration. In this riveting lecture, Rick Howard shares the...