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242 - From Crete to Malta - Part 2
Added: 1st December 2015
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In this lecture with Pastor Walter Veith, we will investigate the role of these groups in history and end-time prophecy. We will learn about famous families such as the Medicis that changed Christianity into a man-centered religion. Examine an old document that reveals Jesuit tactics of control...

248 - The Trump Card
Added: 28th March 2017
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Has the Trump campaign brought us any closer to the fulfilment of prophecy? With the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, prophecy can finally reach the point of fulfilment, when Church and State comes together to enact laws which are contrary to the laws of God,...

252 - Protestants, Prophecy and the Papacy
Added: 4th May 2017
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It has been many years since the Reformation started, and after all this time, do we still hold true to what the Reformers stood for? This lecture featuring Walter Veith will look at the history of the Reformation and investigate the most important pillars of this movement.

255 - Charismatic Renewal
Added: 4th May 2017
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Many religious leaders have spoken for ecumenism, and prophecy is being fulfilled right before our very eyes. The wound is being healed! Is this unity something God wants for us? Or is there a deceptive spirit working behind the scenes? This lecture with Walter Veith will reveal how the...

272 - The King of the North - Part 1
Added: 19th November 2013
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This lecture is a Bible study on Daniel 11 outlining the various possible interpretations of the prophetic delineations. The DVD begins with a summary of some of the historic views regarding Daniel 11 which see this prophecy as a parallel prophecy to Daniel 7 and 8. The presentation continues...

3003 - The Path of Obedience
Added: 18th May 2017
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Have you considered how your health is connected to your mind, and your spirituality? In this lecture The Path of Obedience featuring Walter Veith, we will look at the patterns in Scripture and within The Spirit of Prophecy to see how food affects us. This lecture focuses on the spiritual side of...

505 - The Final Conflict
Added: 9th December, 2008
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Recent world events and how they correlate with end-time Bible prophecy. Is the Sunday-Sabbath issue even a factor in world events? What is the goal and purpose of the behind-the-scenes world power - the Roman Catholic Church? How are we to understand recent events concerning Benedict XVI in...

512 - Prophetic Symbols and the Future of this World
Added: 19th October 2012
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An incredible prophecy from ancient Babylon leads us through the rise and fall of the empires to the days in which we are living and reveals the near future.

514 - The Rise of the Antichrist
Added: 19th October 2012
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Who is the Antichrist figure spoken of in Bible prophecy? Is he a figure of the past, present, or future? What has or will he do? Discover this mysterious power unmasked!

516 - A Peek Behind the Scenes
Added: 19th October 2012
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A journey through the longest prophecy in the book of Daniel truly establishes the accuracy of Scripture and gives us confidence for the future.