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7306 - Seek the Treasure with a Passion
Added: 10th July 2012
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Herb Larsen discusses the next aspect of having a dynamic relationship with Jesus in the second of a three part mini-series. Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Jesus promises that if we seek Him, we will find...

7353 - Petitioning for the Spirit
Added: 31th March, 2009
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This series alleviates the confusion, ignorance, and fear regarding the baptism of God's Spirit. Yet the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy have much to say to God's remnant people about this vital topic for today. These presentations may completely revolutionize your Christian life.

981 - Watch & Pray
Added: 22nd August 2013
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Dan Gabbert teaches on the importance of prayer and urges believers to be alert. Just before the hour of Jesus’ greatest trial, being crucified, the disciples were given council that was intended by Christ to prepare them to face the temptation that they would face, seeing their Master being...

Ken Lim's Testimony
Added: 27th May 2015
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Ken grew up in an Adventist home. However, Ken wasn’t convicted. He found it ceremonious and routine, and his Bible background was basic. He would hear an amazing sermon and was moved, but fall back into old habits after Sabbath was over. In his young adult life he turned to temporary pleasures...

Proper Posture for Prayer (7135)
Added: 13th June 2014
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What is the proper posture we should adopt when praying? Walter Veith explains how different circumstances require different attitudes. Is it necessary to kneel at every prayer, or can we stand? Consider that our posture depends on the formality of the situation. However, note that there are...