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1009 - Laodicea-The Piercing Look
Added: 4th January 2013
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We have a tendency to always give an external application of the message, when in fact the message is personal. The Laodiciean message tells us the true condition of our heart: spiritual blindness and poverty. The message of Laodicea depicts the true condition of God’s people. This message is...

101FR - La terre dans  le temps et l’espace
Added: 18th November 2013
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Cette série de conférences Création ou Evolution est tout particulièrement recommandée à toute personne ayant un intérêt pour la science ainsi qu´à ceux qui n´arrivent pas à adhérer à la situation de monopole prise par la théorie de l´Evolution dans notre société et qui se...

1115 - Faith in the Presence of Sinners
Added: 30th May 2013
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James 4:10-12 indicates that those of faith do not have a distinguishing heart, which means they do not feel the need to be partial towards anyone, even those drowning in sin. How do those caught in sin feel around you? Do they feel comfortable? Should they feel comfortable? How should a person...

1117 - The Rust of the Story
Added: 3rd June 2013
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Faith, when not placed in the right thing or person, can be a corrupting thing. So many people nowadays place their faith in the things of this world—power, fame, money—yet they never find peace or true joy. Even worse, they never find their need of a Saviour, the only Saviour, Jesus Christ....

1118 - Pressure
Added: 10th November 2015
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In this sermon featuring pastor Joel Kratzke, we are reminded that we cannot appease the world’s pressures upon us. Everyone has different thoughts and we are all subject to pressure. We can try to change, but we can never satisfy every single person’s desire for us. The only One we can truly...

1123 - Fitness for Witness
Added: 1st March 2016
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In this lecture featuring pastor Joel Kratzke in his Acts of Revival series, we will see how the Holy Spirit gives us true revival and changes us from the inside out. We cannot be the same person after revival and this change leads us to have a fitness for witness. It is only through true revival...

1133 - Person or Presence
Added: 15th August 2017
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What does the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy say about the Holy Spirit? We will have a doctrinal comparison between the SDA teachings and the trinitarian faith. Do they match? In this final part of the Defining God series we will look into the final aspect of the Godhead - the Holy Ghost....

1202 - Textbook Deceptions
Added: 15th July 2013
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For years, textbooks have been teaching information about evolution that has been proven false. It is said that the person who states his case first seems right until the other comes along and examines it. What do the textbooks teach about the continents? According to evolution, the continents...

1221 - That You May Know You Have Eternal Life
Added: 17th July 2013
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Can a person know that they have eternal life? What does the Bible say, and how does this apply to our lives personally? We are not saved by our own works; we find victory in our Saviour Jesus. When it is in the heart to obey God, Jesus accepts this disposition and makes up for the deficiency....

1408 - The Gospel of Wherever
Added: 16th September 2014
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What is the gospel? Which story encompasses the gospel? Is there more to the gospel than what we think we know? Kameron DeVasher discusses how the gospel may not be the singular story we all believe it may be, but the gospel may actually be a process and a person.