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214 - Changing the Word
Added: 31st December, 2008
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In this video a hands on approach of the Bible is followed, exposing the blatant changes that have been made in modern translations to rob Christ of His pre eminence. See for yourselves and prove whether these things are so.

527 - Broken Promises
Added: 15th August 2013
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In a world where man’s promises mean so little, we find in Scripture promises that have stood the test of time. These promises center in the person Jesus Christ. An amazing prophecy in Daniel chapter 9 pinpoints the arrival of the promised Messiah. Find out whether Jesus was an impostor or...

7325 - The Coming Cosmic Christ
Added: 27th June 2011
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The New Age movement is an attempt to replace Jesus Christ with a new age christ. Learn about the movers and shakers who the Bible predicted would form a confederacy to replace Jesus and usher in an alternate christ who will set up Satan as messiah and saviour. Uncover the...

7333 - The Eternal Guide Stones
Added: 10th December, 2008
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Guidance: It is something that everyone craves. We all have sought guidance one time or another. What is God's methodology in guiding sinners to Jesus Christ? How does He make them aware of their terrible condition? The answer lies in the stones.

7719 - Jesus Messiah or Imposter
Added: 7th October 2013
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In this video, Biblical evidence that Jesus is the Messiah is presented in multimedia format. The ancient prophecies are unravelled, particularly the prophecy in Daniel 9 on the seventy weeks which pinpoints the exact time of the Messiah's arrival on Earth. The study of this prophecy has even...

8224 - 7 Trumpets of Revelation - Part 2
Added: 1st October 2014
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8224 - 7 Trumpets of Revelation - Part 2 This presentation covers the last three messages sounded by the last trumpet of Revelation 8. We have discovered that the first trumpet symbolizes the divine judgment that came upon Jerusalem and the Jewish nations. Why? Consider that it is because they...