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630 - A Reason to Believe (Promo)
Added: 4th March 2014
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Join Phillip Sizemore as he explores Bible prophecy and examines core Bible doctrines like the identity of the Antichrist, God’s day, the judgment, how Jesus fulfilled time prophecy at His first appearance, what happens to people when they die and what the Bible teaches about hell.

633 - The Antichrist vs God’s Day
Added: 27th January 2014
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We have learned from the Bible that for every truth God has, the devil will always promote a counterfeit. Many people believe what they want to believe no matter what proof you give them. Nevertheless, there is plenty of evidence for the honest of heart to believe what the Bible says. Mark 7:1-13...

634 - Time of The Judgment (Judge Not?)
Added: 27th January 2014
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Jesus tells us that the judgment came when He died on the cross (John 12:31) and that judgment was passed on Satan. By His death on the cross, Jesus took Satan’s place as the representative of the earth in heaven. The authors of the New Testament show us there is a second judgment coming: the...

635 - Just in Time
Added: 27th January 2014
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In this continuation of The Time of the Judgment, we explore how both Jesus and the judgment came “just in time” according to the Bible. In a vision, God shows Daniel that the Messiah will come in 483 days, which brings us to 457 BC during the time of Ezra. We know that Jesus did not come...

651 - Encounters in the New Age
Added: 22nd May 2012
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Jesus warned that the supernatural deceptions of the last days would threaten to fool even the “very elect.” The only hope of identifying the subtle forms of deception Satan will use on God’s people is to rely upon divine inspiration. In this riveting lecture, Rick Howard shares the...

661 - By Invitation Only
Added: 1st March 2016
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Emergent churches ask us to “come” to Christ the same way Jesus does. But these churches stop there. They do not truly lead us to continue our search or to grow or mature in Christ. In the same way that Jesus gives us invitations, the devil does too. We need to be wary of who we’re...

7 - Son of Perdition Revealed
Added: 9th December 2016
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In this sermon, Joel Kratzke will continue to explore the Antichrist, this time he is continuing to take a closer look at 15 points found in Daniel and Revelation that reveals who and what the Anti Christ is. He will show in deep detail which system on earth claims to stand in the place of God...

7007 - Healing a broken Heart
Added: 25th January 2012
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The only safety for any soul is through right thinking. How does our thinking affect our destiny? The power of self restraint strengthens by exercise. By practice and repetition what used to be difficult becomes natural until right thought and right action become habitual, and that's how...

7010 - Having the mind of Christ
Added: 25th January 2012
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In this presentation Dan Gabbert gives us a brief but important insight that is extremely valuable in the Christian experience particularly to those who desire to be more like Jesus & have the mind of Christ. When it is in the heart to obey God, when efforts are put forward to this end, Jesus...

7019 - Replacing the Old with the New
Added: 25th January 2012
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Many people base their whole experience upon the past. If they dwell on the negative experiences in the past, they continually experience negative feelings that affect them emotionally, mentally and physically. God has given us an alternative thought to dwelling in our past. In Philippians...