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1101 - Counted with the Wise
Added: 7th March 2013
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The Second Coming of Jesus is an event that many are looking for. As it nears, this event brings about drastic changes, not only in the physical and political world, but also in the hearts and minds of those who profess to be followers of Jesus. In part one of the series, “Be Awake! Be Very...

1104 - Dwindling Fire
Added: 7th March 2013
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Time is short, for us and for the Ten Virgins. Without the fuel to continue burning brightly, some are flickering dimly. Learn the way to consistently shine for Jesus in the last days. The Bridegroom is on His way, but the foolish virgins have run into a problem. They are out of oil, and their...

1105 - To Know and to be Known
Added: 7th March 2013
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In the last study of this series, speaker/evangelist Joel Kratzke explains one of the most disturbing and unnerving passages of Scripture. Jesus’ statement to the five foolish virgins, “I know you not,” is truly one of the saddest epithets in all of Scripture, but this is not the first time...

1107 - Leaving Hurt Behind
Added: 10th November 2015
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God is the only One who can heal our hearts, so we need to remember to cast our burdens upon Him. As difficult as it sounds, we need to learn how to let go, and let God. Instead of rehearsing past hurts and reliving our pain, we need to learn the importance and habit of forgiveness. What does the...

1116 - Faith in the Here and Now
Added: 30th May 2013
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We all look towards the day when Jesus will come. We know that is yet in the future, but what of the promises that He has given us that relate to the here and now? Should we wait for our sins to be overcome ‘sometime’ or should we expect the Word of God to take effect in our lives right here...

1117 - The Rust of the Story
Added: 3rd June 2013
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Faith, when not placed in the right thing or person, can be a corrupting thing. So many people nowadays place their faith in the things of this world—power, fame, money—yet they never find peace or true joy. Even worse, they never find their need of a Saviour, the only Saviour, Jesus Christ....

1132 - The Son
Added: 15th August 2017
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As we continue in this Defining God series we will investigate the meaning of the Son. Let us discuss the issue of the sonship of Jesus. Did Jesus have to receive power from God? Did Jesus have Godly power within Him or was he entirely separate from His father? In this Bible study with pastor...

1206 - Good Creator, Bad World - Why?
Added: 16th July 2013
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According to the Bible, God did not create a world with suffering. Genesis 1 tells us that when God created everything, it was very good. Even animals didn't hurt each other, neither was there pain. We see how sin, pain, and suffering came about through the deception of Lucifer. Lucifer was a...

1218 - Wrath of God
Added: 21st August 2013
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In this lecture, Chad Kreuzer introduces the viewer to remarkable stories of Jesus’ followers throughout history who have sacrificed their lives on the altar of faith. These martyrs went to their execution with dignity, singing hymns of joy to their Saviour. But if we look in the Scriptures,...

1221 - That You May Know You Have Eternal Life
Added: 17th July 2013
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Can a person know that they have eternal life? What does the Bible say, and how does this apply to our lives personally? We are not saved by our own works; we find victory in our Saviour Jesus. When it is in the heart to obey God, Jesus accepts this disposition and makes up for the deficiency....