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1014 - Nehemiah: Governor of Israel
Added: 4th January 2013
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Nehemiah led the children of Israel in the reconstruction of the temple. In the same way, the Holy Spirit works amongst God’s people today to reconstruct the Church. Learn about the true function of the Holy Spirit—deep soul searching and separation from all that wars against the law of God.

1222 - Salvation and the Sanctuary
Added: 17th July 2013
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In this message, we will do a simple overview of the sanctuary and its symbols of salvation. The tabernacle in the Old Testament was a symbol of salvation. In the New Testament we see the fulfillment through Jesus Christ. Sin separates us from God. Psalm 77:13 says, “Thy way, O God, is in the...

1232 - Grace
Added: 23rd July 2013
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Study the Scriptures with Chad Kreuzer to discover what grace really means for us. We find that grace is an Old Testament principle. The Bible says in Genesis 6:8 that Noah found grace in the eyes of God. We also see grace in the life of Moses, when God says to Moses “For you have found grace...

1313 - How will I be saved? What the Bible Really Teaches – and What It Doesn’t
Added: 9th September 2014
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Wishful thinking or delegating the job to a pastor or priest just isn’t good enough. Only the Bible can tell us how we will be saved. This is a step-by-step study exploring the part God is doing and what we must do. Repentance, conversion, the rebirth experience, the new life in Christ, growth...

1508 -  Pel Agents of Reconciliation
Added: 31st December 2013
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When we place ourselves in the hands of the Potter, we become a new creation. Through the power of transformation in our lives, we exemplify the resurrection of Jesus and become His witnesses. God has a calling for each of us to be agents of His reconciliation and He will shape our circumstances...

1901 - God
Added: 12th November 2015
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Where did atheism come from? What’s the story behind the beginning of doubt and the rejection of our Lord? Despite all these attacks in our current day, the Bible is still the top seller in the entire world. The Bible has stood the test of time and has been here for centuries, giving people...

1912 - The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days - Part 2
Added: 16th November 2015
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In The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days Part 2, Wes Peppers continues his exploration into the sanctuary and temple. Who is the temple of the Holy Spirit? Consider that we are Christ’s temple. Christ wants to live in our hearts so He can be with us always, creating a temple...

1913 - The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days - Part 3
Added: 16th November 2015
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Wes Peppers describes how we can apply the lessons about the sanctuary, temple, and the Holy Spirit to our lives. The Lord wants His glory to be revealed through His temple, and as we are His temple, we must be a great example of Christ. Discover how we can surrender ourselves even further to...

1916 - Competitive Christianity - Part 2
Added: 16th November 2015
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Should we, as God’s people, be part of competitive sports? How can competitiveness negatively change us? Too easily people allow their competitiveness to become the drive of their hearts. When we aim to overtake, to beat others, to show dominance and superiority, this competitiveness clashes...

236 - The Greatest Invitation
Added: 31st December, 2008
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The greatest invitation is to surrender all and to follow Christ. Jesus commissioned His disciples to preach the gospel and to baptize those who believed in the name of the Father. the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But did He mean infant or adult baptism? Is there a right way to baptize-sprinkling,...