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501 - The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Added: 9th December, 2008
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Total Onslaught - the Final Conflict Series. Filmed in 2005, Alberta. The Secret Behind Secret Societies: A look at the origin of secret societies such as the Illuminati, the freemasons, and the Jesuit Order. What constitutes freemasonry? Who are some of its members? What is their agenda?...

7323 - Conspiracy Facts
Added: 27th June 2011
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The Church of the Middle Ages, Roman Catholicism, works behind the scenes with secret societies to establish itself as the dominant church of the world. The Jesuits and the Freemasons head up the secret societies through which Catholicism will gain dominance over the world.

8102 - Edmund Gibbs's Testimony
Added: 26th May 2014
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As a man who had family relations with Freemasons and secret societies, living as a drug dealer as a secular fraternity member, see how Edmund was inspired by the Truth of God to come out of deception and seek pure truth. Hear Edmund's testimony about the changes Christ can make in our lives...