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1007 - Look and Live
Added: 4th January 2013
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The remedy for sin—the serpent on the pole erected by Moses—is the great message of righteousness by faith. Without understanding this issue of salvation, there is no fitness for entering Canaan. Relive the experience of the children of Israel as they circumvented Edom.

1105 - To Know and to be Known
Added: 7th March 2013
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In the last study of this series, speaker/evangelist Joel Kratzke explains one of the most disturbing and unnerving passages of Scripture. Jesus’ statement to the five foolish virgins, “I know you not,” is truly one of the saddest epithets in all of Scripture, but this is not the first time...

1106 - How to Be Worry-Free
Added: 10th November 2015
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Worry divides us from Christ and distracts us from God. We spend all of our time being anxious instead of going to God and allowing Him to relieve us of our troubles. Worry should make us more dependant and teach us to approach Him. Don’t allow silly things to separate us from trusting and...

1111 - Faith is Substantial
Added: 30th May 2013
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This first sermon sets a foundation for the rest of our study on faith. As we look at James 1:1-8, we discover that God’s Word is more than mere promises—it has power. God’s Word is creative, and in us, re-creative. We must learn to believe, know, expect, and depend upon God’s Word to do...

1112 - Faith is Enduring
Added: 30th May 2013
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Have you ever gone through a trial or succumbed to temptation and felt you lost ground in your walk with God? Why do trials come? How do we endure? The answer is faith, and here we find that faith is living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. We may not understand in the midst of...

1113 - Faith Proof
Added: 30th May 2013
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Faith is more than a feeling, more than an opinion, and even more than a belief. Faith has substance—it can be seen, witnessed, and experienced. In short, faith works! The proof of the existence of faith is in our doing the things that please God—in serving Him—and in our acts of love and...

1114 - Faith Speak
Added: 30th May 2013
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There are those who purport to be Christian, yet when they open their mouth, their words tell a different story. Just as faith affects our actions, faith also affects our speech. We are talking about our most unruly member, the tongue. Why is it so hard to control our speech? Is it possible...

1115 - Faith in the Presence of Sinners
Added: 30th May 2013
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James 4:10-12 indicates that those of faith do not have a distinguishing heart, which means they do not feel the need to be partial towards anyone, even those drowning in sin. How do those caught in sin feel around you? Do they feel comfortable? Should they feel comfortable? How should a person...

1116 - Faith in the Here and Now
Added: 30th May 2013
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We all look towards the day when Jesus will come. We know that is yet in the future, but what of the promises that He has given us that relate to the here and now? Should we wait for our sins to be overcome ‘sometime’ or should we expect the Word of God to take effect in our lives right here...

1117 - The Rust of the Story
Added: 3rd June 2013
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Faith, when not placed in the right thing or person, can be a corrupting thing. So many people nowadays place their faith in the things of this world—power, fame, money—yet they never find peace or true joy. Even worse, they never find their need of a Saviour, the only Saviour, Jesus Christ....