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2206 - Post Death Scene - Climate after Founders Death
Added: 9th November 2015
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In other religions, leaders die and someone else takes their place and rises to power. There is always someone new to look up to. But Jesus claims He’ll always be with us. Many people have come up with theories to disprove Jesus’ resurrection. Perhaps Jesus didn’t die on the cross and just...

229PL - Boży przewodnik
Added: 13th December 2017
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Jedną z wyróżniających cech organizacji stawiającej czoła królestwu szatana, o której mówi rozdział 12 i 14 Księgi Objawienia, jest to, że posiada ona świadectwo Jezusa, którym jest duch proroctwa. Czy Bóg nadal przemawia do współczesnego człowieka? Czy pośród rzeszy...

233PL - Znaki i cuda
Added: 13th December 2017
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Biblia ostrzega przed znakami i cudami, które będą miały miejsce w czasach końca, aby zwieść jeśli to możliwe - nawet i wybranych. Ten multimedialny wykład ukazuje wstrząsające wydarzenia naszych czasów mające miejsce w ruchu New Age i w ruchu maryjnym. Nauczanie o objawieniach...

257 - History
Added: 4th May 2017
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We know the Second Coming will arrive, and the Holy Bible gives us great insight as to what will happen and what we can expect. In this eye-opening lecture with Walter Veith we are going to go back to the basics found in the Scriptures with a Bible study. The Holy Scriptures didn’t change...

3006 - The True Cause of Disease - Part 1
Added: 14th May 2017
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One of the main theories as to why disease happens is the gene theory. In part 1 of The True Cause of Disease we will cover the inside workings of the cells. Our DNA is a plan, a blueprint. If there’s something amiss in the blueprint, this can affect our cells, and in turn, we become ill with...

893 - The Hand That Rules The World
Added: 4th May 2017
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In this lecture with Jensen we will go into the problems within Babylon to demonstrate how prophecy plays a huge role in how our faith plays out to this very day. Without prophecy, without having something written down in the Holy Bible, we wouldn’t have the proof that God really does finish...

Ken Lim's Testimony
Added: 27th May 2015
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Ken grew up in an Adventist home. However, Ken wasn’t convicted. He found it ceremonious and routine, and his Bible background was basic. He would hear an amazing sermon and was moved, but fall back into old habits after Sabbath was over. In his young adult life he turned to temporary pleasures...