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1431 - The Other Side of Pentacost
Added: 12th November 2015
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Kameron DeVasher discusses the feasts of the Bible and their significance. Learn about The Other Side of Pentecost from the perspective of John in Revelations. What does Pentecost look like to those in Heaven? This first lecture in the Acts 101 series helps us discover the truth about Pentecost.

1432 - The Apostle Peter
Added: 12th November 2015
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Who was the apostle Peter? Continuing on our investigation into the book of Acts, Kameron DeVasher explores Peter’s humble beginnings as a fisherman to his miraculous growth in Christ. Peter serves as an effective example of a disciple’s life. Learn about one of the most prominent characters...

1446 - A Few Questions About Death
Added: 23rd February 2016
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Death isn’t truly as frightening and mysterious as we may think. The Bible has provided us with many lessons about what we can expect about death.

146 - There are no Miracles
Added: 19th August 2014
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Final part of the Have You Swallowed the Hook series. In this video Thomas Bentley moves from evolution’s impact on society and looks at how Darwinism has changed Christianity. In this episode we learn why people say there are no miracles and explore two miracles of Bible prophecy, one from the...

150 - Digging Up the Past - Francois DuPlessis (Promo)
Added: 22nd May 2012
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Can the stories of the Bible be confirmed archaeologically? What does the ancient Middle East have to do with current events? Sold only as a set.

1504 - My Dream and His Dream
Added: 20th September 2013
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Daniel Pel shares his testimony about how God led him through challenging moments of his life and called him to share the truths of the Bible around the world.

151 - Archaeological Discoveries in Bible Lands - Part 1
Added: 29th October 2013
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What do recent archaeological discoveries have to say about the stories in Scripture? Learn about the Rosetta Stone and other inscripted Mesopotamian tablets whose stories align with the history recorded in God’s Word. Rest in the knowledge that God’s Word is true and has new lessons for you...

151 - Archaeological Discoveries in Bible Lands - Part 2
Added: 29th October 2013
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Walk the footsteps of Abram in Ur. Visit the place where Daniel is buried, and maybe even the spot where he spent the night with the lions. Join the search for ancient cities and timeless lessons, hidden under centuries of history and sand. Is it really true that the greatest archaeological...

1511 - Reality Check
Added: 31st December 2013
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For many Christians today the Bible has become nothing but a mere story. We often find ourselves living in two separate worlds—the one we perceive as our “real” world: our jobs, families, status—and the other, our “spiritual” world, where we often follow cultural, or religious...

1513 - Something or Someone
Added: 31st December 2013
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How many times do our temporal pursuits and our focus on the “here and now” get in the way of seeing the bigger picture and the reality of the Bible? God is the Author and Finisher of our lives, He has started our journey and He has a big plan for us, but His plan of salvation is not forced...