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940RO - Tipologia eliberării
Added: 12th July 2012
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The Bible is a deep, inexhaustible well of comfort, guidance, and truth. It is not just historic, but is also a book of salvation. This DVD examines several Old Testament stories for spiritual applications to the Gospel and the character of God. This presentation also examines the manifestations...

951 - Interview with Walter Veith: Life Experiences - part 2
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Walter shares the Biblical evidence that finally convicted him to believe in God and His Word and how he become a Seventh-day Adventist. He also discusses the certainly of Biblical prophecy and the identification of the Antichrist as believed by, not just Adventists, but by protestant reformers....

965 - Antichrist Exposed
Added: 1st March 2016
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Is Islam the great Antichrist power of Revelation Chapter 13? Why do some people believe this to be so? This study will explore these misunderstandings and help expose who the real Antichrist power is in the last days.