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220 - A Woman Rides the Beast
Added: 31st December, 2008
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Is an exposé of Revelation 17 which describes a woman controlling a coalition of powers. The woman has the attributes of the mystery religion of Babylon, and entices the world to follow her precepts. A thorough exegesis is presented comparing the general views on this chapter with the realities...

256 - The Coming Kingdom
Added: 4th May 2017
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We know who the antichrist is. The Reformers identified him long ago, so we know who we are keeping our eyes on. However, do we know how he is going to come into power? We will look at the rapture, death, and other often-confused theologies that Rome has spread throughout the world. Let’s...

273 - The King of the North - Part 2
Added: 3rd December 2012
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Part 2 is a study of the king of the south that pushes against Catholicism at the time of the end, but it also investigates the intrigues of setting up the conditions for the final victory of the king of the north. The secret intrigues of Napoleon, the setting up of a false system of worship, and...

277 - Give Me This Mountain
Added: 19th November 2013
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Give me this Mountain contrasts the kingdom of God with that of the antichrist, who will introduce a false kingdom into the world. The great movers and shakers, the mega preachers, in harmony with the politicians, are endeavouring to set up a counterfeit democratic theocracy, thus making an image...

514 - The Rise of the Antichrist
Added: 19th October 2012
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Who is the Antichrist figure spoken of in Bible prophecy? Is he a figure of the past, present, or future? What has or will he do? Discover this mysterious power unmasked!

6 - False Christs
Added: 9th December 2016
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With so many different interpretations of what the Bible says, have you ever wondered how you can really know and understand the Bible correctly, such as who the Antichrist is and the mark of the beast? Then you are in good hands! Not only will you get some tools of how to study your Bible,...

630 - A Reason to Believe (Promo)
Added: 4th March 2014
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Join Phillip Sizemore as he explores Bible prophecy and examines core Bible doctrines like the identity of the Antichrist, God’s day, the judgment, how Jesus fulfilled time prophecy at His first appearance, what happens to people when they die and what the Bible teaches about hell.

632 - The Antichrist
Added: 27th January 2014
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The Antichrist has many names, but the term “Antichrist” is only used in 1 and 2 John where we find that at its root form in the Greek, ante means “instead of” or “in place of.” We learn through Phillip Sizemore’s teaching that the Antichrist rises up from within the Church, and we...

633 - The Antichrist vs God’s Day
Added: 27th January 2014
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We have learned from the Bible that for every truth God has, the devil will always promote a counterfeit. Many people believe what they want to believe no matter what proof you give them. Nevertheless, there is plenty of evidence for the honest of heart to believe what the Bible says. Mark 7:1-13...

7 - Son of Perdition Revealed
Added: 9th December 2016
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In this sermon, Joel Kratzke will continue to explore the Antichrist, this time he is continuing to take a closer look at 15 points found in Daniel and Revelation that reveals who and what the Anti Christ is. He will show in deep detail which system on earth claims to stand in the place of God...