951 - Interview with Walter Veith: Life Experiences - part 2

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Title: 951 - Interview with Walter Veith: Life Experiences - part 2
Description: Walter shares the Biblical evidence that finally convicted him to believe in God and His Word and how he become a Seventh-day Adventist. He also discusses the certainly of Biblical prophecy and the identification of the Antichrist as believed by, not just Adventists, but by protestant reformers. In this section, Walter also answers some of tough questions including: How do you reconcile being a creationist and scientist at the same time? How to be a creationist and scientist in an evolutionary environment? and touches on some of the trends taking place in the Adventist Church. He provides encouragement to those who are discouraged by the state of the church and shares some of the challenges he has faced in his evangelistic ministry, answering some of the criticism leveled against the content of his series by sharing his "raison d'etre" - the reason for why he feels so compelled to share his unique message.
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