2107 - The Remedies of Vanity - Part 1

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Title: 2107 - The Remedies of Vanity - Part 1
Author: Andreas Mellas
Description: In this lecture with Pastor Andreas Mellas we will start to look into the remedies of vanity based on the start of Ecclesiastes chapter 7. What does the Bible say about healing the vanity within us and how can we move past the impulses that we experience? We will shift from learning about the negatives of vanity into discussing the different methods of combating it. If we know the end is coming soon, do we want to continue knowing we are not ready to see Christ again? Have we readied our hearts and minds? All of us must be reconciled to God, and so we must know how to rectify these issues of vanity. Let the book of Ecclesiastes speak to you about the life you can have after vanity.
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