742 - The Path Into Darkness and the Shadow of Doubt

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Title: 742 - The Path Into Darkness and the Shadow of Doubt
Author: Eric Wilson
Description: In this second lecture with Eric Wilson from the Dragon’s Realm series, we will look at how we are not always fighting against flesh and blood, but we are fighting against powers and rulers of darkness. We think martial arts is fascinating and a sporty and athletic outlet. However, many martial arts emphasize self hypnosis and emptying the mind through deep breathing. We are opening the doorways of our minds, dropping our guard, and evil forces are entering. Instead of focusing on living a Christ-like life and trying to exalt God and to help others, martial arts focuses on the character of self. The art is prideful and people practice this art for their own success and their own power. This lecture will reveal how eastern mysticism has drawn many away from the true path of Christ and has led them into darkness.
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