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Charles Mujikwa's Testimony

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Title: Charles Mujikwa's Testimony
Description: Charles grew up in a Christian home, but experienced a lot of conflict in his youth. His parents separated and he was raised first by his mother, his father, and then his stepmother. He moved from place to place and always felt pressured and forced to believe in the same things his parents did. For Charles, Adventism was about following strict rules. He turned to drugs, alcohol, women, and crime. His brother and he both fell into the depths of sin and found illegitimate ways to make money. After living a vile and sinful life for so many years, Charles was convicted by the spirit one night and found a new church and a new life to go along with it, and he also found Amazing Discoveries along the way. God was working on his life this whole time, though it was not obvious. Hear this moving testimony about how we can know real forgiveness and how God is with us no matter how hopeless we may feel.
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