202ET - Kus Kõndis Jeesus

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203ET - Meie aja Eestkostja

Disclaimer: The following translation has been provided courtesy of uncommissioned translators. Amazing Discoveries has not overseen or verified the translation of this video or article due to our limited resources, and is therefore not responsible for any errors in the translation. We are simply providing these translations on our website as a courtesy to those who speak the language and would like to access this information.

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About This File
Title: 202ET - Kus Kõndis Jeesus
Description: Meid viiakse Jeesuse jälgedes läbi vanaaja Palestiina ning toob välja Tema suured õpetused Mäejutluses ja tähendamissõnades. See on mõtlemapanev uuring multimeedia formaadis Kristuse elust ja teenistusest Tema sünnist ristisurmani. Vaade Kristuse elule meeldib teile kindlasti.
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