1803 - What the Rapture Left Behind

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Title: 1803 - What the Rapture Left Behind
Description: We know Jesus will come again, and we know his second coming is very near. However, will He come quietly? Will he come secretly and slowly? Phillip Sizemore shows us Biblical passages that prove that Christ’s second coming will be visible, powerful, and fantastic. So why is it that so many are deceived about Christ’s return? Consider that Satan has a counterfeit to God’s truth, and that the devil is trying all the time to confuse and bewilder mankind about the nature of Christ’s second coming. God doesn’t want anyone to miss the great event of his return, but the serpent is intent on tricking us about the nature of His return. With all this in mind, what about the rapture? Will it be a secret rapture or will people join God loudly and with trumpets? Sizemore explains how people have been led to the incorrect beliefs regarding a secret rapture. Hear about troubling modifications to the Bible that has led to this deception, and discover what the truth is about the real rapture.
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