1802 - No GMO's for Me, Please

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Title: 1802 - No GMO's for Me, Please
Description: In this modern age, many people have chosen to abandon the literal meaning of the Bible. Is the Bible even relevant today? Phillip Sizemore proposes that one of our biggest issues is Gospel Modified Organizations - GMOs - an issue where organizations have made modifications to the Word of God to make salvation more palatable. However, we have left something behind, and possibly changed too much. How dangerous is this path? This is not a new problem, it existed in Biblical times as well. Sizemore explores stories in the Bible where others meddled with the Word of God for their own ends. The result, as expected, was destruction. But that was long ago, it would not happen again, right? Sizemore warns us that altering the Gospel has dire consequences, and we should respect and uphold the unmodified Gospel.
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