655 - Papal Teachings in God's Church?

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Title: 655 - Papal Teachings in God's Church?
Author: Rick Howard
Description: Rick Howard is the author of the well-known book “The Omega rebellion.” In this lecture he helps us to see how a strange teaching has come into God’s church and deceived many. Spiritual formation is a Jesuit teaching; Ignatius Loyola received his thirteen spiritual exercises supernaturally. Who gave it to him? Sadly, about 67 Seventh-day Adventist organizations have partnered with the One Project. Wheat and tares will grow together in God’s church until the harvest. Rick Howard raises the question, Why do the five leaders of the One Project have major positions in Seventh-day Adventist colleges? We are called to make a decision. Will you be among those who refuse to forsake the holy covenant?
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