1511 - Reality Check

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Title: 1511 - Reality Check
Description: For many Christians today the Bible has become nothing but a mere story. We often find ourselves living in two separate worlds—the one we perceive as our “real” world: our jobs, families, status—and the other, our “spiritual” world, where we often follow cultural, or religious patterns. Why do we find ourselves living in two worlds? Daniel Pel calls it “just in case theology”, where we try to make a bet on both, heaven and earth, at the same time. Can we live two lives? The Gospel clearly tells us that there is just one reality and we should look at the world around us with the eyes of faith, experience radical re-orientation and embrace the fullness of Gospel living. Our glasses, one could say, should be the Scriptures, so we can see the world and the universe as God sees it–a battle zone between God and Evil. We need this “reality check” and we need to experience it day by day, by God’s grace.
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