282 - Elias

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About This File
Title: 282 - Elias
Author: Wendy Goubej
Description: Jesus said Elias would come and restore all things. Elias is the antitype of Elijah and John the Baptist. He is to be the restorer of paths to dwell in. In this study, Walter Veith takes a look at the typical story of Josiah and the very final restoration of heavenly truth before the fall of Jerusalem. He compares it with the great gathering of God’s people which was to take place after 1844. The principles embodied in the restoration are investigated and God’s people are directed to the ancient paths and called to walk in them. As in the case of Josiah, so it will be at the end, and in the final moments of history, we will have to be firmly rooted in our founding doctrines in order to weather the storm which will soon come upon antitypical Jerusalem with blinding force.
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