223 - The New Age Agenda

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224 - That All May Be One

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Title: 223 - The New Age Agenda
Description: This lecture describes the ways in which various so-called Christian societies have manipulated the spiritual scene to prepare the way for the coming of a cosmic Christ who satisfies the needs of all religions. The Christian Science Movement, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the New Age are exposed. We also take a look at the maitreya and his anti-Biblical doctrines and the manifestations of false christs in our world today. Does the New Age just affect an esoteric fringe or is it a living reality in the educational system of the world, re-shaping & remodeling the mind-set of those even of the traditional Christian faith? Includes a look at Jesuitism and the New Age Movement, Benjamin Crème, as well as NASA.
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Tags: Total Onslaught cosmic-Christ Mormonism Christian-Science-Movement Jehovahs-Witnesses New-Age Maitreya anti-Biblical doctrines christs esoteric Jesuitism Benjamin-Creme NASA
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