1105 - To Know and to be Known

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Title: 1105 - To Know and to be Known
Description: In the last study of this series, speaker/evangelist Joel Kratzke explains one of the most disturbing and unnerving passages of Scripture. Jesus’ statement to the five foolish virgins, “I know you not,” is truly one of the saddest epithets in all of Scripture, but this is not the first time Jesus has uttered those words. It is not enough for God’s Remnant people to know Him—He must know them! What can you do to have the assurance that God knows you? The Bible truly does have all the answers, even to this question. This message will inspire your faith and give you encouragement to root yourself deeply in the truth of God’s Word. There has never been a time when God’s people needed to be more awake. The time is now!
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