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7312 - Let the Testimony of Jesus Flow

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Title: 7312 - Let the Testimony of Jesus Flow
Author: Herb Larsen
Description: This final lecture builds off the previous ones in addressing how you engage someone so you can share your story with them. Using examples from his own experience, Herb Larsen gives practical solutions for beginning conversations that lead into spiritual matters, such as first engaging people in conversation, asking questions, and seeing where the Spirit will lead from there. Another way to create an opportunity for a spiritual conversation is to direct the credit to God when people pay you compliments regarding your work, abilities, or character. You’d be amazed where the conversation can go from there. Don’t despair if you don’t have a rags-to-riches or radical evil to good testimony—God can use the slightest movement in your life to reach lost souls. Start opening your mouth and sharing your story today! (28 minutes)
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