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7301 - Jesus is Our Only Satisfaction

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Title: 7301 - Jesus is Our Only Satisfaction
Author: Herb Larsen
Description: Herb Larsen shares his testimony of all the things he pursued in life in his search for satisfaction before finding it in Jesus alone. Despite his successful career ventures in writing, painting, composing music, and starting a business, he felt empty. In fact, the more he accomplished, the emptier he felt. In an effort to get God’s attention, he even started a church plant, but it wasn’t until a crisis moment one morning that God revealed to him that true relevance and satisfaction in the Christian life comes from Jesus who hung on the cross. It’s not about what we do, but all about what Jesus did. Herb’s message to passionately seek Jesus first is a timeless one we should cling to in our day and age where worldly success is paramount. (29 minutes)
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