651 - Encounters in the New Age

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About This File
Title: 651 - Encounters in the New Age
Author: Rick Howard
Description: Jesus warned that the supernatural deceptions of the last days would threaten to fool even the “very elect.” The only hope of identifying the subtle forms of deception Satan will use on God’s people is to rely upon divine inspiration. In this riveting lecture, Rick Howard shares the story of how his search for truth was roadblocked by occultism, seances, astral projection, and other snares of the New Age Movement. Learn how only through God's power was Rick freed from the fascination and power of the occult and brought to the truth that Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life. Rick Howard has recently completed thirty-three years of rewarding pastoral ministry within the eastern and central United States. His five-year experience in the supernatural arena coupled with the light in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy provides a unique insight into the end-time deceptions God's people will endure.
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