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A Wonderful Deception (Promo)
Added: 10th April 2012
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A "Wonderful" Deception examines church metaphors, concepts, and beliefs that are essentially the same as those being used in today's New Age teachings. And while biblical prophecy is being minimized and explained away, the "new science" is being used to prepare the world--and the church--to accept a New Spirituality and a false New Age Christ. This book explains how all the puzzle pieces are in place for the strong delusion described in 2 Thessalonians. A "Wonderful" Deception pierces right...

AD Beginnings
Added: 5th January 2010
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How did Amazing Discoveries begin? Learn a bit about the start-up of Amazing Discoveries - see footage of our events, office staff, and operations from January 2010 before we went on satellite. Find out a bit about why Amazing Discoveries exists.

AD Exposing Deceptions
Added: 26th September 2014
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What is the purpose of Amazing Discoveries and what are we all about? Amazing Discoveries stands for Exposing Deceptions, and Affirming the Truth.

Amazing Discoveries Web Subscription - Promo
Added: 12th July 2012
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Find out how to subscribe to our e-newsletter, magazine or News updates.

Genesis Conflict - Trailer
Added: 3rd April 2012
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Professor Walter Veith takes you through the principles of evolution to expose what scientists are not telling you. With a doctorate in zoology, Professor Veith proves creationism scientifically.

KJB: The Book that Changed the World
Added: 6th January 2015
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The Thrilling True Story This is the extraordinary story behind arguably the most important manuscript in history. Acclaimed actor John Rhys-Davies visits landmarks, explains relics and leads us back into a darker time to discover this fascinating tale of saints and sinners, power and passion, as the greatest translation of Holy Scripture emerges into a world and culture that would never be quite the same again

Rekindling the Reformation (Spanish) - Trailer
Added: 12th September 2014
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Vea el extracto de la nueva serie "Reavivando la Reforma", que es una actualización de la serie "Asalto Total" de Walter Veith. Obtenga una muestra de lo está fascinante serie se trata. Esta serie le ayudará despertarse, viendo los problemas actuales relacionados a los eventos finales de este mundo. No deje de ver esta serie.

Rekindling The Reformation - Promo
Added: 6th January 2010
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Why was the Reformation important? Learn about Walter Veith's 2009 series Rekindling the Reformation which updated his Total Onslaught series. Truth has been buried under the traditions of men. The principles and leaders of the reformation have been forgotten. No one remembers what the reformation was about or why so many died. Get current on relevant current issues of the world that pertain to your future. See how the world is changing away from the hard-won freedoms back into tyranny. Find ...

Rekindling the Reformation Trailer
Added: 11th January 2011
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Watch excerpts of the Rekindling the Reformation series, Walter Veith's 2009 update to the Total Onslaught series. Get a taste of what this fascinating series is all about. This series will wake you up to current issues that pertain to the final events of this world. This is a must-see series!

Repairing the Breach - Promo
Added: 14th August 2012
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The series provides an update on Total Onslaught, Walter Veith’s previous 36-DVD set. This new 15-DVD series includes an in-depth study on the king of the north found in Daniel 11, and discusses Biblical prophecies and their modern applications.