Janet Neumann
661 - By Invitation Only
Added: 1st March 2016
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Emergent churches ask us to “come” to Christ the same way Jesus does. But these churches stop there. They do not truly lead us to continue our search or to grow or mature in Christ. In the same way that Jesus gives us invitations, the devil does too. We need to be wary of who we’re accepting invitations from. Only by accepting a true invitation from Jesus Christ and following His pure word can we come closer to Him. Are you ready to grow in faith by invitation only?

662 - Shades of Grey
Added: 1st March 2016
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Over time, people of God have slowly been introduced to shades of grey. These are sneaky and subtle issues that may not seem overtly evil, but blur the lines between light and darkness. We have been warned about these issues, such as false prophets and fables, but they are not always obvious. There are many controversial issues in our modern world, forcing Christ’s followers to make a choice. Do we follow the professors, scientists, and worldly religious leaders? Or do we follow the Scripture...